Protect with Seat Covers

MSA 4WD Seat Covers

Heavy Duty 4WD Seat Covers

MSA 4WD Seat Covers are created with canvas that is durable enough to withstand life’s adventures, but not too stiff that its uncomfortable for the occupants.

We design, use and abuse our seat covers so that we can provide you with the most comfortable, best fitting and toughest seat protection available.

If your seat cover restricts an airbag from deploying as the vehicle manufacturer intended, it may well result in serious injury to you or your family, as well as insurance concerns. MSA 4X4 seat covers are certified ADR compliant with full crash testing completed, which ensures that the factory airbags deploy as the manufacturer intended them to. To one thousandth of a second!

When it comes to airbags and safety, everything must deploy at the same time.

MSA 4WD Seat Covers