Aeroklas 1-Piece Hard Lid.

The Aeroklas 1-Piece Hard Lid offers exceptional protection for your ute tub and cargo. Accessing your tub is easy thanks to its 45-degree lifting angle that allows you to load bulky cargo without any hassle. The lid features a durable locking mechanism, an LED light under the lid, high-quality hinges and rubber sealing to prevent water leaks into the tub.


olour:Primer (Dry Sanding)
Suits:Dual Cab
Weight:28 kg
Locking System:Locking mechanism is designed with a durable lock to ensure all purpose use with U-Lock to secure the lock strengths while closing the lid to make sure that your luggage and belongings are safe.
Light:LED light under the lid help to add more convenience to use in the dark.
Hinge:High quality front hinges to support fully effectively open & close which reduce the installation time.
Water Leak System:4 side rubber seals are provided to prevent water leak inside the vehicle tub.

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