Signature Bull Bar For Toyota Hilux 2018+


The TJM Signature alloy bull bar delivers comprehensive frontal protection and unbeatable style in a lightweight package. The ‘T15’ shape is characterised by a heavy-duty centre loop that’s accompanied by two angled side loops which protect the headlights and enhance the Hilux’s aesthetics perfectly . Innovative features include integrated fog and indicator lights, dual split-pan mounted grille inserts for easy winch access and high-strength winch compatibility through our proven bracket construction. The updated wing design provides increased strength where it is required most and offers a significant improvement in approach angles. The superior alloy tube provides exceptional performance in extreme environments, while its progressive design allows for innovative engineering features that permit the bar to be fully airbag compatible and ADR compliant.


Airbag compatible

  • Rated to suit a 9,500lb winch
  • Integrated recovery points having a combined rating of 8,000kg with an equaliser strap
  • Combination LED indicator / park lights › LED fog-lights
  • 2 x aerial mounting positions on outer loops
  • 2 x spotlight mounting positions (up to britax 220mm)
  • Bumper cut style › Ø63.5mm outer pipework and
  • Ø76.2mm centre pipework

› Polished alloy finish

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