Easy To Get Unstuck

Recovery Gear


MAXTRAX is the lightweight, easy-to-use vehicle recovery and extraction device that’s easily carried by almost anything with four-wheels ensuring an easy way out if your vehicle becomes stuck.

MAXTRAX takes the drama out of getting stuck. The aggressive large cleats on MAXTRAX sink their teeth into the tyre tread and the terrain under your 4WD vehicle to prevent it from slipping back into mud, snow, or sand and make vehicle recovery quick and easy

Recovery Gear

Winch & Accessories

A TJM Torq Winch is an essential risk-management tool when venturing to remote locations and upping the stakes of your 4WD adventure. TJM’s range of new generation Torq Winches now have even more power for increased line speed and faster recovery and because they’re available in a wide range of 9,500lb and 12,000lb options, there’s a TJM Torq winch to fit most four-wheel drives



TRED Pro™ is the world’s most advanced and highly engineered all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery board, specially designed to get your four-wheel drive, ATV and equipment out of trouble when traction is lost in sand, mud or snow. TRED Pro™ is the next generation of the already hugely successful TRED™ off-road recovery board which is the world’s largest selling brand in the category. Engineered and manufactured in Australia, TRED Pro™ will out perform any other traction aid in the market. TRED Pro™ will allow you to explore with confidence, without letting traction disrupt your journey.

Recovery Gear,Maxtrax,Winch
Treds Pro

Recovery Kit - Large

  • 9mm bow shackles x2
  • 4,000kg winch extension strap 20m
  • 8,000kg snatch block
  • 8,000kg snatch strap 9m
  • 8,000kg tree trunk protector 3m
  • Heavy duty leather gloves
  • LARGE Recovery blanket

Snatch Strap Kit

  • 16mm Bow Shackles x2
  • 8,000kg snatch strap 9m
  • Heavy duty leather gloves
Recovery Gear,Maxtrax,Winch

Jacks & Camping Shovels

TJM’s recovery jack is a versatile piece of equipment that provides lifting assistance to aid vehicle recovery. This jack fits directly into our unique bull bar T-slot recovery point which has been extensively tested and can be found on many of our steel bull bars.

With a lift capacity of 1000kg and lift height of 1120mm, our recovery jack is a valuable addition to your recovery arsenal and comes complete with a bag and jack keeper. In emergency situations it can also be used to remove the vehicle from an impending obstacle by attaching a cable at each end and using it like a hand winc