GVM Upgrade For Your Prado

Toyota Prado 150 Lovells GVM Upgrade

Federal and State Compliance

The solution for owners/managers of Toyota Prado 150 Series Wagon vehicles, who have a need to carry loads to a GVM of 3500kg (up from 3000kg standard GVM), while at the same time meeting the practical and documentary compliance requirements of Work Safety, Police Licensing, Insurance, Lessor’s and Fleet Managers.

The Lovells GVM Upgrade Kit can be fitted to vehicles with or without Toyota’s KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System).

Lovells Toyota Hilux 4×4 GVM Upgrade kits have also been tested and approved for Full Volume Second Stage Manufacture to comply with ADR35/05 ESC (Electronic Stability Control) Sine with Dwell verification.

Why do Vehicles Require G.V.M (Gross Vehicle Mass) Upgrades?

  • Need to protect Business, Managers from claims for breaches of OH&S rules and employee negligence.
  • Possibility of Insurance companies to void payout if the vehicle is loaded beyond approved GVM.
  • Possibility of litigation under common law if is vehicle operated beyond its legal Load Limits.
  • Requirements to load vehicle and operate safely with weight beyond current Original Equipment limits for heavy and/or remote work.



48305– 5 & 7 Seater (All model variants)
(Excludes Kakadu model with Air Bag rear suspension)


Using LOVELLS springs GVM Upgrade Kit, (Approved by the Department of  Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Helps avoid these problems.

What Amount of Increase Should You Expect?

Officially sanctioned GVM Kit provides:
GVM to 3500kg
GVM increase of 500 kg

Who can fit LOVELLS GVM Upgrade Kits?

Because the Kit is approved on the basis of Lovells Springs being a Second Stage Manufacturer, and the responsibility ultimately lying with Lovells, only Lovells Springs Authorised Fitters (Production Facilities) are approved to fit this Kit. All GVM Upgrade Kit’s are supplied with detailed fitting instructions and appropriate documentation.

Who Would Require A GVM Upgrade for their Vehicle?

This kit will suit any vehicle owner/operator who has a need to carry greater loads. This includes Government Departments, Mining Companies, Farmers, Tradesmen, large and small businesses, even individuals loading their vehicles for travelling.

What Documents are Required to Ensure you are Complying with the Approvals?

There is a specific GVM Upgrade Kit Order Form (Federal Compliance Order Form and State Compliance Order Form) for each vehicle variant that must be filled out by the specified Lovells Authorised Fitter or End User per vehicle to be modified. On completion of the Kit being fitted by the Lovells Authorised Fitter, a Federal or State Compliance Check List must be filled out and retained by the Fitter and Lovells for future reference. Procedures such as these ensure requirements of Lovells being a second stage manufacturer are being fulfilled.

When Should a GVM upgrade Kit be Fitted

FEDERAL COMPLIANCE: New vehicles must be fitted prior to registration. They are simply then registered with a revised GVM as per the new compliance plate. Vehicles which are already registered cannot be fitted with a kit under this Federal Approval.

STATE COMPLIANCE: GVM Upgrades can be fitted to already registered vehicles in NSW, ACT, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia only, and after modification, will have to be inspected by a Lovells nominated State Engineering Signatory. Extra Cost for Inspection and documents will be incurred.

Is The Original Equipment Warranty Affected When Fitting a LOVELLS GVM upgrade?

Vehicle warranty is not affected when a GVM Upgrade is fitted. Our testing and analysis procedures are stringent and undertaken by an accredited Automotive Engineering Consultant to ensure original equipment components are not compromised. Modifications and load limits are within theoretical service/safety factors to ensure the integrity and longevity of Original Equipment parts associated with increasing the vehicles load carrying capabilities. As Lovells are a Second Stage Manufacturer, it is our responsibility to document these tests and thus take responsibility for the GVM upgrade compliance.

Therefore, should an original equipment component fail and be directly attributed/caused by the vehicle carrying loads to a maximum GVM of the revised figure or part failure associated with the GVM Upgrade modification, Lovells will cover warranty of the component after written proof and testing by an independent body has been lodged.