A Bull Bar for the Outback

Outback Bull Bar

Boasting an all-steel construction that’s designed to thrive in extreme conditions, the TJM Outback bar delivers unparalleled protection for your 4×4.

Every TJM Outback bar is embedded with core features that allow you to travel with confidence. At the heart of the Outback bar is a multi-fold channel that’s been strategically pressed and bent to maximise impact strength. This powerful base is connected to thick 63mmø* steel tubing and TJM’s characteristic upright cato straps. While ordinary cato straps deliver greatly improved bar strength, TJM’s 40mm cato straps extend right through the bumper channel to our patently strong chassis mount to give you supreme protection. While achieving all this, the Outback bar’s iconic all-steel construction, tapered wing design and thick tubing guarantee an aesthetically superior bar that performs when it matters most.

Rated Recovery Points

Almost all 4×4 accessories manufacturers sell recovery points as part of their range. TJM, however, includes rated recovery points as standard with almost every TJM bull bar. The reason why TJM bull bars can include rated recovery points without any additional structural work to the bar design is due to their uniquely strong winch mounting system.

A Solid Foundation

Our innovative winch frame mount system not only gives your recovery winch a secure home, but its connection to your vehicle’s chassis is so strong that it allows us to include rated recovery points as standard – giving you the strongest possible bull bar and an extra recovery tool all at once.